HONGKONG Is Part Of China Forver-HOMESUN Soft Close

2023-05-19 Views:1684

For the past two months, Hong Kong has been facing its most severe crisis since its return to China. This has had a terrible effect on the city's economic and social development. And over the past weekends, illegal protests took place in various parts in Hong Kong, causing severe damage to public property and disruptions of many public services. Some citizens strongly condemned the violence and called for a return to normal life.

Commonly seen in societies that have undergone color revolutions are stagnant economic development, high unemployment, especially youth unemployment, soaring prices, a high inflation rate, corrupt and incompetent ruling authorities, and seething popular discontent. Fueled by external forces, regime changes took place, but most of the new regimes failed to work out as the public had expected.


Striving through a series of economic and social crises in its history, Hong Kong has successfully overcome them and been able to bring about new development each time. China is now the second-largest economy in the world and its influence in the international community is continuously increasing. Rioters marching with flags of the US and the UK were daydreaming of external intervention, totally ignorant of the fact that Anglo-Saxon civilization is decaying both politically and economically. 

The central government of China has reserved a place for Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area. The Chinese mainland will not sit by and watch Hong Kong decline. Only by ending the riots can Hong Kong get back to normal. The breeze blowing toward Hong Kong in the future must come from the mainland. Staff from HOMESUN Soft Close do hope that everything could be back to normal as soon as possible.